Mountaineer Area Rescue Group, Inc.

A member of the
Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference

Our organization

The Mountaineer Area Rescue Group (MARG) is a volunteer search and rescue organization dedicated to saving lives in the outdoors. 

MARG has participated in many searches spanning north central West Virginia and surrounding states since its inception. Many times these missions are for children with autism, senior citizens with Alzheimer's, and hunters that have become lost in the woods. Our group is composed of experts in many fields including search management, cave rescue, communications, and wilderness medicine.

Since its founding in 1997 MARG has been called for over 320 missions, including 48 in 2012 and 19 in 2013.

What we provide the community

  • Assistance during search and rescue emergencies and natural disasters including communications and management assistance
  • Preventative search and rescue education, such as the Hug-a-Tree childrens's program
  • Personal safety education, such as Wilderness First Aid for boy scouts and a "Lost in the Woods" flyer
  • Communication and first-aid services for events